Monday, 4 June 2012

The jet provost JP5 download

Being critical on your flying

To improve my flying skills I have become very critical on every thing I do. There is a saying in the RAF, “ accuracy is everything” and I here what they are saying. Don’t fly 50 or 10 feet above your assigned altitude and if your speed is supposed to 150 kts make sure it is 150 kts not 103 or 105 kts. In other words……………… nail it. Since I have started on this notion my flying has improved considerably. I usually fly a few circuits in the jet provost with the voices of the instructors echoing in my head about not having the altitude right or the speed right, then I will fly a circuit at KAI TAK in the PMDG 737 and apply the same techniques.

You will be surprised how this will change the way you fly.

Here s a picture of the aircraft I am using , it is freeware and you can get the Jet Provost JP5 here.

I am also using the Linton on Ouse freeware scenery which you can get here.

Get used to this aircraft, it is a great trainer and a great piece of freeware. You can download it here

I am having a lot of fun with this simple to fly little jet. For freeware it is very well made. The Viper engine is very powerful so you will encounter over speed issues if you do not power back well before your target speed. 

Practice level flight trimmed out at 150kts at about 1000 feet above round level ant note your power setting. Mine is about 7500 rpm. If you are learning to fly knowing you power settings for certain situations is a must. In the climb I reduce power to 8000 rpm at a pitch of about 10 degrees I then adjust the pitch until I get 150kts...... Then trim.

Have fun.

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