Saturday, 9 June 2012

Get ready for the fourth installment of "Fighter Pilot". This is where the action starts. The trainee pilots get their first taste of flying the Jet Provost. I find it amazing to see the incredible aptitude of these guys. Sadly not all of them are going to fly, but just to get this far they have done so well. It takes a certain type of person to fly a fighter jet, some would say the perfect type of person. I have no idea myself about how difficult this course is , but I am pretty sure these guys will be taken to their mental limit.

I have been practicing my circuits in the JP5 and I must say they are getting better. I have found that understanding the nature of the engine and power settings give me extra time to fly the aircraft and the whole circuit becomes a lot easier.

There is no doubt this little exercise has relly improved my flying.

Well here it is BBC Fighter pilot Episode 4


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