Friday, 25 May 2012

Flight Simulator - The return

Since my couple of years away from flight simulator there have been a few advances. The biggest one I would say is the PMDG 737 NGX. I was blown away with this aircraft and being a 737 fan it was a most welcome addition. Line flying I found can be a bit boring If there are no challenges, but here are additions that I am looking at to make the whole experience more real. VATSIM is on of them I think that interaction with a live atc whether vfr or ifr keeps you in the game and gets you flying a liitle tighter.I am also a big fan of fighter jets and I like to do a few carrier landings and missions on jet fighters.

While I had a few minutes of an evening I started watching a tv series friom the eighties called “ Fighter Pilot “ . It followed the student pilots that were lucky enough to be selected through the course at Linton on Ouse and RAF Brawdy, starting out at Biggin Hill where I learned to fly the Cessna 152 in the nineties. This is a fantastic series if not a little dated. So I have started by training on the Jet Provost JP5 which theses pilots trained on. Most of these pilots only took seven hours to go solo wich is in my opinion very quick indeed. Just at the moment I am learning the ciruit at Linton on Ouse and the power seting for the JP5. This is a great way to hone your skills for flying as in the RAF accuracy is everything.

Oh and by the way..............welcome to my flight simulator blog

This is the first epidode of fighter pilot called dreams.............Enjoy

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